DREAM infrastructure challenge

Arvados submissions for the GA4GH-DREAM Workflow Execution Challenge

workflow status notes
md5sum submitted
hello world submitted
encode mapping submitted requested 1 TB of disk, reduced to 100 GB, worked fine
knoweng_gene_prioritization submitted needs arv:APIRequirement to grant internet access
biowardrobe failing missing ResourceRequirement, uses “writable: true” which turns up a-c-r missing feature/bug
gdc dnaseq transform faliing a-c-r crashing on bwa_o1 (unrelated issue, non-zero exit code that should be considered success, but is marked failed is a red herring, just a workbench problem).
pcawg-delly failing Weird seqware error
pcawg-bwa-mem failing seqware error
pcawg-sanger-variant-caller running